eHealth Expo – Brisbane 2019

Dr Chapman was fortunate enough to attend The eHealth Expo in Brisbane last week. As you may know, Oqea Cares incorporating Salvado is keen to work at the cutting edge of digital health, and work is always going on behind the scenes to try to add value to your service by leveraging the very latest in technology.

What an exciting experience, to hear from some of the international and Australian leaders in digital health, and to see some of the exciting products that will be coming our way soon. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, and although health has perhaps lagged behind other industries, we are now entering the age of Health 5.0 – the age of digitally-powered personalised medicine. Prof. Andrew Morris from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, outlined how big data is now being organised to answer clinical questions in the UK. There was also a very strong emphasis on cyber security, as trustworthy networks and resources are key of course.

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